Defined as a foetus that
died before being born.

Criteria for a foetus is defined as
  • Weighed 400g or more when it issued from its mother; or
  • Delivered after the 20th week of pregnancy.

Thus, if there was breathing and/or a heart beat after birth of a preterm infant, it is not covered under this section.
Standard cremation regulations apply.

Note that gestational age refers to number of weeks i
n utero, regardless of whether the foetus died weeks before delivery.

Stillbirths do not require a Cremation Certificate from a Referee.
A midwife’s certificate can be issued if no doctor was present at the delivery

NB: if a still-born foetus was less than 20
th week of pregnancy and weighed less than 400g at birth, there are no burial or cremation regulations applicable to this scenario.