Nurse Practitioners can issue death certificates after 31st January 2018 and Cremation certificates (Form B) after 30 March 2018.

This option is restricted to the special category of Nurse Practitioners who are registered as such with the Nursing Council.

Relevant legislation:
Section 7 Burial & Cremation Amendment Act 2016:
- Nurse Practitioners can complete medical certificates of causes of death.
- Section 46B of the Burial & Cremation Act is amended to incorporate the change.

The Schedule of Consequent Amendments (in the Burial & Cremation Amendment Act 2016) refers to updates to the Cremation Regulations:
- s7(1)(a) 'replace “doctor’s certificate” with “certificate of cause of death”’ and
- in Form B, ‘replace “doctor’s certificate” with “certificate of cause of death” in each place.’

This came into force on 31 January 2018 (section 2 of the Burial and Cremation Amendment Act 2016 Commencement Order 2017).

A further amendment came into force on 30 March 2018 allowing Nurse Practitioners to complete a Cremation Certificate Form B:
Cremation Amendment Regulations 2018.

The updated form is now available: New Form B