Identifying the deceased body.

Patient details must be complete and unequivocal.
The identity of the deceased must be clearly established beyond reasonable doubt;
  • “patient wrist label” alone is unsatisfactory if the doctor was not familiar with the patient before death. It is better to confirm the identity with the family or staff who knew the deceased well before death.
  • Full Name of the Deceased” (Cremation Regulations 1973: r7(1)(a)) includes all middle names.
  • Place of Death in Full (HP4720). This means the postal address, not simply the name of a hospital or residential facility.

Cremation Regulations 1973 S.7: Duties of the Medical Referee:
(2) The Medical Referee shall, in every case where he considers it necessary, require to be delivered to him a statutory declaration or other evidence as to the identity of the deceased.

NZHIS Guide to certifying causes of death:
Name of practitioner and residential address
  • The full name (including middle name) of the doctor certifying the death should be printed clearly in block letters in the space provided on the medical certificate .... It is acceptable to use a customised name and address stamp.