Contacting the Coroner

If the death possibly fits the referral criteria:

  • Phone the 24/7 NIIO (details below) - the call is screened by an officer on behalf of the Coroner.
  • If death occurred in a public hospital, fax a Hospital Record of Death to 09 969 6569 or email a scanned version.
  • The Coroner will phone back to speak to the referring doctor.
  • The Coroner is on call overnight and may phone the next day.
  • If the Coroner accepts jurisdiction, the referring doctor may be asked to phone the police who act as agents of the Coroner. Auckland number 09 5712 800 24/7
  • If the Coroner declines jurisdiction, document this on the death and cremation certificates.

NB: if the case is accepted by the Coroner, the doctor should
not complete a Death Certificate or Cremation certificate (these are arranged later by the Coroner).

National Initial Investigation Office (NIIO)
A single point of contact 24/7 for doctors to discuss and refer cases.
The NIIO co-ordinates all aspects of coronial cases, up to and including the release of the body.
The Coroner on call covers all of New Zealand so may be dealing with several referrals.
  • Ph: 0800 266 800
  • Fax: 09 969 6569
  • Email:

For deaths in a public hospital, the referring doctor completes a Hospital Record of Death with preliminary details. This is faxed to the National Initial Investigation Office.