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Coroners Act (after Coroners Amendment Act 2016) s14(2)
Deaths that must be reported under section 13(2):

Without known cause, suicide, or unnatural or violent
2(a) A death that appears to have been without known cause, or self-inflicted or unnatural or violent.

An unexpected death related to a medical or surgical procedure:
2(b) a death –
  1. that occurred during, or what appears to have been the result of, a medical procedure; and
  2. that was medically unexpected*

2(c) a death -
  1. that occurred while the person concerned was affected by an anaesthetic; and
  2. that was medically unexpected

A woman who dies as the result of pregnancy or giving birth:
2(d) the death of a woman that occurred while the woman was giving birth, or that appears to have been the result of being pregnant or giving birth.

For which no doctor's certificate can be given
2(f) A death in relation to which no doctor has given a doctor's certificate

* Definition of "medically unexpected":
(3) … a death is medically unexpected if it would not reasonably have been expected by a health practitioner who—
(a) was competent to carry out the procedure, or administer the anaesthetic, in question; and
(b) had knowledge of the dead person’s medical condition before the procedure began.