COVID-19 (Coronavirus) issues

A rapidly changing scenario - please feel free to contact us with updates or questions.

See the Ministry of Health website for updates: here

Deaths "that are known to be or suspected most likely to be from Covid-19" (Coronavirus) do NOT automatically have to be referred to the Coroner,
- unless there are other related concerns that would normally warrant a discussion or referral
-See statement from Chief Coroner issued 24 March 2020.
“Doctors and nurse practitioners are encouraged to issue a cause of death certificate in these cases…"

FUNERAL DIRECTORS are an essential service
- Ministry of Health advice on COVID-19: Funerals and tangihanga: here
- all burial and cremation arrangements and transfers must be via a registered funeral director.
- there is no scope for private arrangements without a funeral director

A person who has died of Covid-19 could still be potentially infectious via physical contact
- virus-laden droplets may remain on and around the body and clothing after death. The body must be handled as though it is infectious.
The Ministry of Health has specific guidelines for Funeral Directors.