The Medical Certificate of Causes of Death is overseen by the Ministry of Health.
The new Death Certificate (“HP4720”) was implemented in January 2009.
It replaces the old BDM50 form and has some different details.

Correct forms are available in pads of 20 from Wickliffe Ltd via:

When ordering stocks of the new forms please quote the form reference numbers:
  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death – HP4720 (previously BDM 50).
  • Medical Certificate of Causes of Fetal and Neonatal Death – HP4721 (previously BDM 167).

The Ministry of Health advises the following on its

Medical practitioners who certify causes of death (certifiers) should commence using the new Ministry of Health forms (HP4720 and HP4721). 
The Ministry will continue to accept BDM 50 and BDM 167 forms until medical practitioners have obtained the new forms 
- at this point remaining stocks of the Births, Deaths and Marriages forms (BDM 50 and BDM 167) should be destroyed.