• Medical Certificate of Causes of Death: standard certificate filled in by a doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Medical Certificate of Causes of Fetal & Neonatal Death: if a fetus or baby died within 28 days of birth.

Form A
  • Application for cremation, completed by the family or executors of the deceased person’s estate.
Form B
  • Doctor or nurse practitioner's certificate about medical details required for cremation. Typically includes statement for Form AB
Form AB
  • Confirms that there is no pacemaker or other battery-powered device implanted in the body, signed by a doctor or nurse practitioner.
  • Typically this is incorporated in the practitioner's certificate Form B
Form C
  • For Coroner’s cases: Coroner releases the body for cremation.
Form E
  • issued after a post mortem (autopsy) if a Medical Referee has requested one.
Form F
  • permission to cremate, issued by the Medical Referee.
Form G
  • Permission to cremate at a facility other than an approved crematorium, issued by a Medical Officer of Health.