For Funeral Directors regarding the Form A application for cremation.

An important legal document.
It helps to confirm that the deceased is clearly identified and that there is no objection to the cremation.

A. Applicant details should include full name, residential street address and contact phone number or email.

B. The name of the deceased should be the legal name as per the birth certificate or passport.
The name should exactly match the name on the medical certificates.
Middle names may be omitted (although not ideal).
Problems arise from:
- different spellings of the name or
- different orders of the first name (for example John Paul Smith vs Paul John Smith).
Beware of nicknames that are not part of the legal name (e.g. "Betty" for Elizabeth).

C. The address of the deceased should be the current residential street address.
Addresses must match between the medical certificate and the Form A application.
If death occurred in a temporary address (e.g. a public hospital, hospice or respite care) then the medical certificates should show the "usual" address.
Addresses must include a street name and number.
- avoid simply listing the name of a hospital or facility without an address.