Transfer of charge of body - Form BDM39.

In the case of a hospital or residential facility that holds a deceased person's body, when someone other than the police or a funeral director asks to remove the body:
  • The facility must first be given "a notice, in the standard form, taking responsibility for notifying a Registrar under section 42 of the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995 of the death of the person whose body it is, and ... taking responsibility for disposing of the body; and describing (with enough detail to enable it to be identified) the place where the other person intends to dispose of the body.”

The standard form to record these details is the BDM39. "When a body is moved from the place of death, the person in charge of the body is required by law to sign a Transfer of charge of body (BDM39). The funeral director or other person in charge of the funeral keeps this form as evidence that responsibility for the body was transferred appropriately... BDM39 forms are available from funeral directors, hospitals and Births, Deaths and Marriages."